Osteopatia em Portugal

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Saturday 12 February 2011

8h30 Participants registration
9h00 Opening Ceremony Prof.Dr.Borges de Sousa – President of the Organizing Committee
9h15 Discovery of Osteopathic Medicine, Still´s life and growth of the first school of Osteopathic Medicine Prof. Dr Jason Haxton – Researcher and Director of Osteopathic Museum, Kirksville USA
10h15 Osteopatic Clinics – Manipulative Methods Dr. Jamie Archer, Osteopath, Master Degree in Applied Clinical Anatomy at Keele University´s Medical School (England). Researcher has written many articles on osteopathy being published in the American Academy of Osteopathy USA
11h00 Coffee Break - Exhibition of the STILL MUSEUM and visit of the Stands
11h30 Osteopathy Visceral in children with autism: preliminary results of the research will be presented Dra Iona Bramati Castellarin, B.Sc(Hon) in Osteopathic Medicine Currently undertaking a PhD degree at University of Westminster/ British College of Osteopathic Medicine in collaboration with King's College Hospital – London. Worked at the Osteopathic Centre for Children . She is currently a guest lecturer at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine teaching Paediatrics to 3rd year students
12h15 Ethics of osteopathic practice and Legislation in Portugal Dra Maria João Lupi, PhD student in Health Care management. Administrator of the Management Health Service. Teacher of Bioethics at the ITS - Instituto de Técnicas de Saúde.
13h00 Lunch time
14h00 "Graves- Basedow disease" A clinical case - paper presented on June 2010 at the IIº National Congress in Osteopathic Medicine (Roma-Italia) Dra. Cristina Gioja – Osteopath, Teacher at the Academia Superiore di Medicina Osteopatica (Roma)
15h00 Osteopathy and Sports Injuries

M.Walter Lieweollyn McKone

Member of Scientific and Medical Network (UK). For 15 years Walter has been involved in osteopathy in American football in the USA and Europe, in rugby and iballet in the former Eastern Germany. He has published 5 books and contributed to 4 other 4 books. In 2001 became the clinical practitioner at the Children's Clinic at the B.S.O. Walter lectures internationally in philosophy, sports medicine, pediatrics, psychology, and manipulative medicine in Germany, Holland, Poland and Italy

16h00 Classical Osteopathy and John Wernham Dr. Francisco Toscano, B.Sc(Hon) in Osteopathic Medicine, Director of Studies of The John Wernham College of Classical Osteopathy & Clinic (Maidston)
16h00 Workshop exclusively to Congress participants who enrolled in this Workshop


Location: Hotel Mundial de Lisboa

Schedule: from 17h00 to 20h00 (after finishing the Congress sessions)

Speaker: M.Walter Lieweollyn McKone, D.O.

  • Memberships:
    • American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine (USA)
    • Football Association Medical (UK) Scientific and Medical Network (UK)
    • International Society of Vertebrate Morphologists (UK & D)
  • Lecturer
    • in Manipulative Sports Medicine to GPs at the Royal London Hospital
    • Sports Medicine and Influenza at Osteopathie Schule Deutschland, Germany
  • with 15 years of sports osteopathic clinic
  • 5 publication books being one the Osteopathic Athletic Health Care: Principles and Practice, Chapman & Hall, London.
  • He joined the team of Osteopaths in clubs:
    • Budweiser British American Football League
    • Greenwich Rams American Football Team
    • Haringery Rugby Football Club and Ballet Schule, Altenburg, Germany
  1. Only to congress participants with workshop registration
  2. Participants 20
  3. Price Workshop 50 Euros

Sunday 13 February 2011

9h30 The importance of Osteopathy in Sport

Prof. José Talefe

Degree in Physical Education, Osteopath (Univer.Lusíada), Teacher of Biomechanics at the ITS-Instituto de Técnicas de Saúde

10h15 Syndrome Ankle impingement and psychological effects on the Ballet-Dancers and Sportsmen

Dr. Ricardo Telles de Freitas

Physician, Orthopedist-Traumatologist Clinical in Hospital CUF Lisbon Clinical Sports Medicine and Clinical in Ballet National Company Lisbon

Florência Beatriz A. Siciliano

Professional ballet-dancer at Companhia Nacional de Bailado. Degree at Instituto Superior de Artes do Teatro Cólon

11h00 Ceremony of presentation of the D.O. - diploma in Osteopathy, the finalists of the course of the ITS - Instituto de Técnicas de Saúde
12h30 Lunch for all speakers and participants of the Congress.
14h30 Case Clinics - Application of Cranial Osteopathy in the Lanringomalacia Dra Ilma Aparecida de Souza – Osteopath at Faculdade de Ciências Médicas de Minas Gerais (Brasil)
15h30 The significance of Osteopathy in the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ)

Dr. José Campos

B.Sc in Osteopathy, Director of Upledger Institute in Portugal

16h00 Round Table – Topic: The Regulation of Osteopathy by the National Health Service

Dr. Germinal de Matos

physician, elected to the Commission for regulation of Unconventional Therapies by the Department of National Health Service

Dr. Augusto Henriques

, B.Sc(Hon) in Medicine Osteopathic (UK). Osteopaths representative of the Commission for the Regulation of the Osteopathy.

Dr. Joaquim Neto

Physician, Specialist in Physiatric Medicine

Moderator: Dr Costa Pinto

B.Sc,in Osteopathy, Master Degree in Psychology

17h00 End of the Congress