Osteopatia em Portugal

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History of Osteopathy

The Osteopathy was funded in 1874 by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still , a doctor in Missouri USA. Who became disillusioned with the medicine of this time, when 3 of this children died of meningitis.

He founded Ostepathy to reform medicine, but when he encountereds hostility he developed osteopathy as an independent system of medicine. It is interesting to note that around this time a “bone-setter” was demonstrating this methods at St. Thomas´s in London.

The first osteopathic college was established in the UK in 1917 by John Martin Littlejohn, a Scot who had studied under Dr.Still. Littlejohn altered the osteopathic curriculum to include the study of physiology.

He founded the British School of Osteopathy, was the first osteopathic education institution outside the United States, and it exist today in London.

The profession is subject to statutory regulation following the passing of the Osteopat Act in 1993. The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) was established by the act to regulate the profession.

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