Osteopatia em Portugal

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Osteopathy Courses

The ITS - Instituto de Técnicas de Saúde is an entity accredited by the Portuguese State in the area of health, which started its operation in 1996 to vocational training courses in Osteopathic Manipulative Therapies, and teachers of teachers of Higher Institute of Osteopathy Courses of Oxford Brookes University studying in Portugal from 1998 to 2005, under the direction and coordination of Prof. Dr. Borges de Sousa. This working group with 30 years experience in the formation of osteopaths is supplemented with teachers of schools of osteopathy in Surrey Osteopathic Schools from France and Italy.

We are and have always been, the largest school of osteopathy in Portugal, with appropriate facilities for semester, with Laboratory, room research and library with over 800 books, so that students can see and study the materials.




Adding value to healthcare professionals, giving them up-to-date knowledge in order to achieve an optimal professional level for a better service to clients.The training strategy of ITS part of the experience of years of education, aimed at consolidating the formative project based in six areas:

  • Contribute to the development of young people, giving them skills for employability;
  • Allow health professionals a new niche market;
  • Provide theoretical and practical foundations for careers;
  • Allow the acquisition of technical skills more adapted to the new socio-economic realities, generational and health;
  • Meet the needs of vocational training institutions are deployed in the Portuguese market;
  • Prepare professionals according to models of training and education for use in the United States and England-téorico with intense practice exercise.



Has as its aim, as a policy and strategy as follows:

  1. As Association aims to cohesion, protection, training of Osteopaths and issuing Ballots Professionals; to their members.
  2. As a strategy of its objects: 
    1. Education, vocational training and in particular of young people looking for their first job, unemployed or assets that are in need of training;
    2. As part of its activities, and to achieve its ends, works within the framework of ITS Training centre with the name of the College for the training of Osteopaths;
    3. For achievement of its business activity and to make more efficient the practice of formation in the structure of ITS Centro Social consultation and treatment of Osteopathy, being essencial for the preparation of professional Osteopaths.

The ITS believes that students should be given an internship with careful supervision for the purpose that the new Osteopath have an adequate technical preparation to become a professional Osteopath qualified. To treat patients that students using treatments exclusively osteopathic techniques, under the supervision of qualified advisors are Osteopaths superior Courses with UK Osteopathy, giving the part tutorial, teaching students how to make the query such as organizes clinical data, such as reasons to get an osteopathic diagnosis, and learns to do the prognosis for after knowing the treatment for their patients. The ITS is the only institution in Portugal with Clinic for Stages, so that your pupils in Manipulative Therapies and Osteopathy or ITS members can work as an intern at the end of the course, giving the new professional assurance and confidence to have an ability to be trained in Osteopathy. Location inin Lisbon in AV. António Augusto de Aguiar, no. 9, offers, free of charge to needy population Portuguese without financial resources, one of the best therapies for joint pain including the spine and spinal muscular problems that is osteopathy.


Advanced course of Osteopathy

Classes from evening

Entrance Requirement: year 12 or equivalent

We have 30 years of experience in the formation of Osteopaths in Portugal, being much of our teachers teachers of the British School, from France and Italy.

By joint decree No 327/2004 of the MINISTRIES OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE OF HIGHER EDUCATION and MINISTRY OF HEALTH, consider that the LAW Nº 45/2003 of 22 August, establishes the framework for activities of Osteopathy in Ministry of health.



OSTEOPATHY is a manual therapy, health care, founded in 1890 by the American doctor Dr Andrew Taylor Still, and identified as a "complete system" therapy, having regard to the origin of the disease, with a specific diagnosis and therapy feature, different from any other type of therapy-osteopathy, manipulations, restoring balance and heal the human organism.


Allow young people to a new profession in health, osteopathy, second models used in England, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, to form professional Osteopaths, allowing more labor market with new technologies in health more adapted to the new socio-economic currents.


The course runs for a period of 4 years and 3 years and over: an internship with supervision, with the purpose of the Osteopaths have an adequate preparation technique and code of ethics to be an OSTEOPATH QUALIFIED. Faculty: ones are teachers of schools of Osteopathy of England, other licensees, master’s and doctorate degrees from foreign universities. Director: Dr. Dr. Borges de Sousa, who deployed and developed the osteopathy in Portugal, as director of the Top Courses in Osteopathy, in Lisbon, Oxford Brookes University from 1996 to 2005